Teaching Principle


I feel as a counselor it is important to not only be an instructor, but to provide the human element of relating to the student's lives so they understand that you, like them, have goals and aspirations. From my student's, I expect to build in them:



    Developed problem solving abilities



    Openess in connecting with others and their community

    Multicultural understanding and respect


My vision as a counselor in a school setting is to create a space of inclusivity, in which all students feel empowered to speak to the staff and myself if they have any questions or concerns. My goal is to use my experiences from the master’s in school counseling program and my extensive experience as a substitute teacher with the “New York City Department of Education” to help address and alleviate the emotional, academic, and behavioral difficulties children may be experiencing and exhibit in the school setting.


The comprehensive counseling approaches that I choose to rely on is a combination of art, talk, and play to guide youth towards long-lasting academic and personal success.

I believe what makes me a strong educator and counselor is that I am patient with children, and I try to understand their unique perspectives, I fundamentally respect their opinions and lived experiences; and I have strong classroom and personal management skills by being organized and attentive to detail. These personal characteristics have already helped me become an asset in multiple schools.


As a counselor, I would like to work closely with the support staff so that no child is dismissed; and the school is not only seen as a safe place, but is truly a safe haven for all. I hope that you will consider me for this position; and I look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to see the type of art work I produce or to learn more about my background, please visit Espositoart.com. Thank you for your consideration of this application.


Student Work

Age 9- Oil paint, acrylic,watercolor. 2014

Age 9- Watercolor. 2014

Age 9- Oil paint 2014

Age 9- Acrylic art 2014

Group collage art afterschool program- age 8-12  2014

Art by Lori Esposito Writing by Jay Friedenberg


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