Art Education


                                                                 Teaching Principle


I feel as a teacher it is important to be an instructor, but to provide the human element of relating to the student's lives so they understand that you, like them, have goals and aspirations. From my student's, I expect to build in them:


    Confidence in art

    Developed problem solving abilities

    Independence in their work


    Decreased anxiety about the creative process

    Openess in experimentation


    A substantial amount of materials for the student's art projects

   Open dialogue about everyone's art and their meaning

   Personal reflection from student's art work

   Trust built between student and teacher, in sharing life stories

    an art room with the necessary supplies,and sinks for art projects



   I believe art can be enjoyed by every student, if you make it entertaining and inspiring. I hope to do what my teachers did for me for the next generation of future artists. What I would do differently is encourage more open communication between students and myself and give them the opportunity to express their likes and dislikes to me, as well as allow for open critique starting in 5th grade with students offering their classmates respectful feedback on their work. A teacher provided this opportunity for my classmates at the same age, and I felt it very effective for improving my abilities to take in criticism. However, I feel it would have been more beneficial if it was done on a regular basis.



Exhibit Reviews

Student Work

Age 9- Oil paint, acrylic,watercolor. 2014

Age 9- Watercolor. 2014

Age 9- Oil paint 2014

Age 9- Acrylic art 2014

Group collage art afterschool program- age 8-12  2014

Art by Lori Esposito Writing by Jay Friedenberg


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