Art Education


                                                                 Teaching Principle


I feel as a teacher it is important to be an instructor, but to provide the human element of relating to the student's lives so they understand that you, like them, have goals and aspirations. From my student's, I expect to build in them:


    Confidence in self

    Developed problem solving abilities

    Independence in their work


    Social awareness

    Developed Multicultural understanding

    Openess in experimentation


    A substantial amount of materials for the student's learning

   Personal reflection from the student about their work, life, and behavior

   Trust built between student and teacher, in sharing life stories, and general understanding


    I aim to do what my teachers did for me for the next generation of students by learning about me and my interests and taking the initiative to develop them. 



Exhibit Reviews

Student Work

Age 9- Oil paint, acrylic,watercolor. 2014

Age 9- Watercolor. 2014

Age 9- Oil paint 2014

Age 9- Acrylic art 2014

Group collage art afterschool program- age 8-12  2014

Art by Lori Esposito Writing by Jay Friedenberg


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